Susan O. Schall, PhD Founder Lead Consultant  SOS Consulting, LLC

As a high school student, Dr. Susan Schall wanted to be a patent lawyer. After visiting a string of universities and learning about their prelaw programs, she decided not to pursue law. She enjoyed studying mathematics and science. With encouragement from her father, a vocal advocate for women in science, she chose to study engineering. Dr. Schall’s grandfather, a carpenter, helped her to develop a love of building. Once she began her engineering program, she never considered law again. Now, Dr. Schall pays it forward by mentoring young women. She has more than 36 years of experience and endeavors to instill the same drive and passion in young professionals in her current line of work.

One way in which Dr. Schall is successful is her role as an integrator. She takes different tools and concepts and unites them to help with the issue at hand. She works with the clients and has compassion and empathy to set her clients up for success. Dr. Schall enjoys mentoring to help others have the tools and mindset to always make a difference. She currently works as an authorized partner at John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and as the founder and operations leaders of SOS Consulting, LLC. Furthermore, she contributes her skills and expertise as a consultant for the ABET Foundation, Inc.

In looking back at her career, Dr. Schall’s first client still stands as one of her favorite career highlights. She is proud of the work she did for them, which involved bringing different data tools together. She was excited to make a difference in an organization, and to have a positive impact on the people who work there. In order to best serve her clients, Dr. Schall is certified as an ASQ Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence, an ASQ Quality Engineer, a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and is a certified servant of the Front Royal United Methodist Church.

Throughout her career, her work has been recognized on numerous occasions. Recently, Dr. Schall received the Medallion Award from the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers from Pennsylvania State University in 2018. She received a PhD, Master of Science and Bachelor of Science at Pennsylvania State University. In addition, she holds an additional Bachelor of Science in mathematics from the State University of New York at Fredonia.

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